Price List

The treatment prices vary between hospitals. Please note that these prices are from prices.

All prices in Thai Baht

Dental Treatment from:

Porcelain Veneers thb 12000 each
Porcelain Crown fused to metal (semi-precious) thb 16000 each
Crown – Zirconia, E-Max thb 17000 each
Root Canal Treatment  1 canal thb 9000 each
Root Canal Treatment  2 canal thb 12000 each
Root Canal Treatment  3 canal thb 15000 each
Dental Implant completed thb 70000 each
Bone Graft thb 30000 each
Sinus Lift thb 50000 each
Deep clean thb 8000
Cleaning thb 2000
Zoom whitening thb 10000
Home whitening thb 6000
White fillings thb 2000
Extraction thb 2000
Extraction – wisdom tooth from thb 3000

Plastic Surgery from:

Upper or Lower Eyelid Surgery thb 30000
Mid/Lower Face & Neck Lift thb 160000
Forehead Lift thb 130000
Breast Enlargement thb 115000
Breast Lift thb 150000
Tummy Tuck thb 160000
Mini Tummy Tuck thb 130000
Upper arm lift (Both Arms) thb 130000
Breast Enlargement with Lift thb 190000
Liposuction/site thb 90000 (first area)

Eye Vision surgery:

Refractive Lens Exchange surgery (multi-focal lens) thb 150000
Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery (tri-focal lens) thb 170000