Siriroj Hospital

When travelling for any medical procedure abroad it is important to feel safe in your environment. At My Body & Spirit, we believe in giving you the most memorable dental surgery and plastic surgery travel experience. There is some information below about Siriroj International Hospital (formally Phuket International Hospital) to really provide peace of mind when booking your next trip with My Body & Spirit.

Siriroj International Hospital (formally Phuket International Hospital)

Founded in 1982, originally called the Phuket International Hospital was the first private hospital to open in the area. Phuket International Hospital has not only expanded the range of services provided, but also the size of the hospital which is in excess of 150 beds, treating hundreds of thousands of patients each year, including the first hospital in Phuket to treat medical tourists and to promote medical tourism.

Recently renamed, the Siriroj International Hospital has an enviable reputation as one of the leading Thailand plastic surgery centres through the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute.  The majority patients seen by Siriroj International Hospital staff are for plastic surgery procedures are foreigners (non-Thai nationals).

Some of the plastic surgery treatments available at Siriroj International Hospital include face lift procedures, eyelid surgery, nose augmentation, chin and cheek implants/enlargements, neck lift, breast enlargements, breast lifts, breast reductions, tummy tucks, liposuction and arm lifts.

  Siriroj International Hospital (formally Phuket International Hospital)           Phuket International Hospital - My Body and Spirit Travel

 Siriroj International Hospital - Phuket International Hospital            Siriroj International Hospital - Phuket International Hospital