India Price List

All prices in Indian Rupee

Please note that these prices are from prices.


Veneer – EMAX INR 23000/tooth
Crown – Porcelain fused to metal INR 18500/tooth
Crown – CADCAM Zirconia INR 24000/tooth
Root Canal Treatment INR 16000-23000/tooth
Implant: Bredent INR 38000/implant
Implant: Nobel Biocare INR 46000/implant
Implant completed (Bredent) INR 62000/implant
Implant completed (Nobel Biocare) INR 70000/implant
Bone Graft INR 30000/ quadrant
Deep clean INR 5000
Zoom whitening INR 20000
Extraction- General INR 3480
Extraction- Impacted Wisdom Tooth INR 14800