How do I know what treatment I need?

For dental treatment it is best to go to your GP and get a referral to a radiologist to have a full mouth xray (OPG) done.  Just make sure the radiologist can put the xray on to a CD that can be copied.  You can then save a copy and email it to us along with a digital photo of your smile.  We can then email them to the Head of Dental, who will do an assessment of your dental needs from the xray and photos.  You will be given a full detailed assessment of what work you need to have done and an idea of how long it will take to have the treatment done and the approximate cost.

For plastic surgery, we require you to complete a medical form which details your medical history and medical conditions.  We also need you to take digital photos front and side views of the area of your body that you would like treatment.  We will then email this and one of the surgeons will do an assessment of your case and email back his recommendations and the cost of the operation.

There is no charge for this assessment and well worth it to obtain their professional advise.

When is the best time to travel to Thailand?

It depends which part of Thailand you are travelling to. Phuket has the rainy season from April to October but this is a busy time of year as all of the hotels offer stay pay deals. November to March is high season for Phuket as the weather is at its best. Most of our clients travel to Phuket from April to October. If you are travelling to Koh Samui it is the opposite to Phuket so the best time to travel there is from April to October.

How do I pay for dental and cosmetic surgery treatment at the hospital?

The hospitals take all major credit cards and that is the easiest way to pay, but not necessarily the cheapest, check with your bank as most banks will have up to 3% currency surcharge if you are using your credit card overseas.  The alternative option is to take Australian cash and convert to Thai Baht on arrival in Thailand. 

How will I get to the hospital for my treatment from my hotel?

Phuket – Our clients will be collected from their hotel by the hospital Ground Care Services staff and transferred to the hospital for their appointments. On completion of their treatment they will be driven back to their hotel. It is an excellent service and not only is it extremely convenient and save you time, but it also saves you the expense of transport. This service is provided for all our clients who book their full package of airfares, accommodation and their medical treatment with us.  Bangkok – Our clients do have the option to pay for transfers to and from the hospital but the cheapest way is to use the Skytrain and taxi.  We can give you further information on this.

Why should I travel to Thailand for treatment?

The cost saving is a major factor and probably the most significant. You can save up to 75%. The hospitals are of international standard and has thousands of patients coming from all over the world for treatment. All of the doctors, dentists and specialists are all under the one roof at the hospital so it makes it easy if you need specialist treatment. The staff level at the hospitals are extremely high so you always have someone looking after you. The staff are extremely friendly as is the Thai way. You not only have the opportunity to have your treatment done, but you can have a holiday at the same time.

Will my dental appointments be made before I leave home?

Yes. Your first appointment will be confirmed and depending if you know what treatment you require, further appointments may be confirmed by us. If not after your first appointment, the Dental Centre will make further appointments for you and the Ground Services staff will arrange your transfers to the hospital if you are in Phuket and for Bangkok, you make your own way to the hospital for additional appointments..

Will the cosmetic surgery appointment be made before I leave home?

Yes. Your consultation with the surgeon and the operation will all be confirmed. The check up 7 days after the operation will be organized by the surgeon after the operation. 

Will there be forms to be completed at the hospital?

Phuket – No.  We make it easy for you. You will complete a hospital registration form before you leave home and we send it to the hospital and they give you a treatment plan. On the treatment plan it details your appointments and your hospital registration number. You take the treatment plan with you to your appointment and there is no further paper work to do.  You just need to take your passport with you for your first appointment, so the staff can sight your passport and confirm your identity and then they will issue you with your hospital card.
Bangkok – Yes.  You need to take your passport with you and you will need to complete additional paper work when you arrive at the hospital for your first appointment. 

How far is the hospital from the hotels?

Phuket – Most people stay along the beach areas of Patong Beach, Karon Beach or Kata Beach. The hospital is inland in Phuket Town which is about 30-40 minutes drive from the beach areas.
Bangkok – The hospital is located on the other side of the river.  Most people stay in Sukhumvit or the city area and take the Skytrain and taxi to the hospital.  Allow 45 minutes to get there.

Is the hospital open every day for treatments?

Yes. The hospitals are available for all treatments seven days a week. There are some special holidays throughout the year where there may be limited doctors working.

Can I talk to any of your past clients that have had treatment?

Yes. Some of our clients are more than willing to discuss their treatment and experiences at the hospitals with other potential clients. Just let us know and we will endeavor to have another client that has had the same treatment contact you.

How long will I need to be in Thailand for to have medical treatment?

It depends on what treatment you are having but on average you would need to stay 2 weeks.