February 2018 – Dental
Barb organised a fabulous trip to Phuket for my wife & I for dental work. Barb advised on and organised the pre-assessments and our treatment plans were both very sophisticated in terms of technology and very affordable, at less than half the price of Australia. I was amazed with the proficiency and care at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital. Barb took care of all the details in terms of accommodation, transfers and a side trip to Bangkok. We combined a holiday with amazing dental work and came back with both souvenirs and new teeth. I would highly recommend My Body & Spirit and the Bangkok Phuket Hospital.
Ian K, Sydney

January 2018 – Dental
My partner and I recently returned from Phuket. We both had dental work done at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital Dental Care located in the Bangkok Phuket Hospital. I had 10 porcelain veneers by Dr. Pichet. My doctor was wonderful, he was gentle and professional. We had the work done over 2 weeks, with 4 appointments. Gail at My Body & Spirit organised all our appointments and transfers to the hospital. I have always disliked my smile but the cost in Australia to fix my teeth was just too expensive. I had damaged my top front teeth after years of grinding and I had a lot of gaps. They were also very discoloured, so I also had Zoom Whitening on the bottom teeth. Dr. Pichet matched the porcelain teeth to my bottom teeth perfectly. I also got a mouthguard to wear while sleeping to protect my teeth at a fraction of what it costs in Sydney. Amazingly the experience was relatively painless as well! I am very happy with my teeth now and no longer hide my smile.

Gail from My Body & Spirit was fantastic. It was great to have Gail organise everything for us; the inital dental assessment,flights, accommodation, transfers & the dental appointments. It made the whole process very easy. I highly recommend My Body & Spirit and the Bangkok Phuket Hospital.
Kirstin, Sydney

October 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I’ve recently returned from having dental treatment in Phuket with My Body & Spirit. I was one of 7 in the October 2017 group having treatment, four of us having dental. I was a bit apprehensive with having my treatment done overseas thanks to the negative feedback on media. After hearing of a number of people having dental work done at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital in Thailand, I decided to go ahead with it. From the first call I made to Barb at MBS to the days following my return, Barb & Rhi have been amazing. The girls are quick to return calls and emails and answer any questions I had no matter how trivial. Everything was organised and presented to us right down to the finest detail, to make the whole travel/treatment experience worry free. The transport to/from the hospital was arranged for you and someone was there to help you every step of the way. The staff at the hospital were friendly and very professional making the whole process in regards to the treatment faultless and pain free (amazingly ūüôā ). It says a lot about our system here in Australia. I have to go back again for the second stage of my treatment next year and Rhi is on top of the arrangements for that already with the flights and accommodation quoted the following day to my making a call to her. Rhi was our group escort in October and she made the whole two weeks feel like we were on a VIP holiday ūüôā . She was there for every one of us personally and as a group escort organising day tours, dinners, night entertainment, etc. All we had to worry about was meeting in the lobby at a certain time. If anyone is considering going to Thailand for Medical treatment I would personally recommend it, and if you want a 5 star company to organise that for you, give Barb and her girls a call at My Body & Spirit/Noosa Travel, you’ll be so happy you did, I was… ūüôā
Louisa G, Maroochydore

October 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I attended the October 2017 group tour for dental work. My expectations were exceeded in the work performed by Dr Pichet and his assistant Cherie. It was relatively pain free and I am totally happy with the outcome after years of ‘hating’ my teeth and smile. The tour group led by Rhi was well organised with nights at restaurants and shows if you wished. Everyone got on well and look forward to catching up with all again. I could only recommend to anyone considering treatment to talk to the crew from MBS for a memorable experience.
Gary M, Tweed Heads

September 2017 – Plastic Surgery
I cannot speak highly enough about the professional, friendly and knowledgeable assistant that Barbara and her team give to their clients. Since my dental trip 3 years ago i have become a willing spokes person for the services that they offer. I will be doing this even more after my facial corrective and cosmetic surgery. Barbara thinks of everything and has extensive knowledge of all the steps necessary to ensure that each client receives the help and support that they need. She will even send emails to clarify procedures or ask additional questions of the doctors on behalf of a client. I was saved from making an expensive mistake when I asked Barbara whether it would be okay to visit Chiang Mai after my surgery. She wisely recommended going there first.

September 2017 – Plastic Surgery
My experience was fantastic. From the organisation of surgeries to flights, to accommodation, everything went so smoothly. The hospital experience was brilliant and cannot fault the nurses, doctors and staff that I had contact with. Their beside manner was fantastic. I was kept informed every step of the way.

The booking experience was painless. Rhi was fantastic in getting all our details sorted and all we did was send off all the paperwork required and the rest was done for us.

The cost of everything was extremely reasonable and I thoroughly recommend the whole experience. Brilliant.
Leigh C, Brisbane

July 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I went for dental work and was amazed how professional and clinically safe the experience was all my doubts of any risk were completely resolved the moment I arrived.
Thank you My Body and Spirit I will be back !!!
Dianne J, Perth

July 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
Last week I returned from a 2 week dental holiday in Phuket. I was very apprehensive about the whole trip as I am very nervous about all dental work. However, I realised I really needed to have the work done. Friends told me about their wonderful experience at Bangkok Phuket Hospital & encouraged me to sign up. My Body & Spirit at Tewantin, Qld were fabulous. Barb Sheriff & her husband John accompanied our group of about 14 people, took control of all transfers, any questions etc, as well as organised social trips & best places to eat. The experience was totally positive, even the time in the chair! It really was a wonderful holiday.
Thank you Barb, John & the lovely group of people I shared the experience with. Also the wonderful staff at the hospital. They were all extremely talented professionals as well as gentle, lovely people. Highly recommend.

July 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
My teeth had progressively worsened over the past eight years. Not only did I have a very large overbite, but my front teeth had large gaps between them.
I rarely smiled, and when I did I was guarded and aware of the abysmal state of my teeth. I would not have believed it but apparently this made me very guarded and unwilling to meet with people. i would say this affected my existence beyond simply having a few crooked teeth.
When I arrived at Dr. Pichet’s consulting room at the Phuket Dental Hospital, Dr. Pichet was rather taken back when examining my teeth personally, as the photo and x-rays had not given him a real appreciation of the problem that needed to be overcome.
However I truly believe Dr. Pichet is a genius, and overcome these problems he did, and now I have teeth and a smile with new energy.
I would not have been able to undertake such restorative, dental work in Australia as the expense would have been prohibitive for me, but going to Thailand has given me everything I had hoped.
This has been a truly fantastic and eye-opening experience and I have nothing but superlatives to offer to everyone at My Body & Spirit, who literally took care of every single eventuality, and to everyone at Bangkok Phuket Dental Hospital.
Luisa V, Brisbane

July 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
From the time I was picked up from  the airport to the time I was dropped off for my return flight, the service from the hospital I was attending was over and beyond expectation. They made sure that I was there for every appointment on time, and that I was returned safely back.
Kevin A, Warwick

July 2017 – Dental
My name is Vincent Lazzari, I am 60 years old and from Melbourne. I needed extensive dental work done and the cost in Melbourne was out of my reach. I researched getting my dental work done overseas and after many months of research chose My Body & Spirit and the Bangkok Phuket Hospital in Phuket. I was extremely nervous about going overseas to do this and with the help of friends in  the dental industry we put both My Body & Spirit and the hospital under the microscope. With all the questions and emails we sent they all came back positive. I had my dental done in 2 lots, 2 weeks in January 2017 and 2 weeks in July 2017. I saved over $35,000.00 and that includes the 2 lots of 2 weeks flights and accommodation. I am very happy with the dental work done. The whole experience was very professional.
Vincent L, Melbourne

June 2017 – Dental
My Body & Spirit took the hassle out of everything, they made my trips to Phuket for Dental Surgery pain free (so to speak). They organise everything. I recommend going with the Groups – it is a lot of fun and Dr. Supachai is amazing, he is very particular and great at his job.
Kathy B, Ballina 

April 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
Travelled on an Escorted Group Tour and this made for an excellent experience. Got great results from my dental work and had a great time with my fellow travellers – would recommend. ūüôā
Glenn H, Milawa

April 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
One dental holiday to Phuket was fantastic. We have already told a lot of friends that it is worth looking into if you want your teeth done. Barbara Sheriff was a fantastic host and to be in a group was really good as you get support from others going through the same thing and having wonderful dinners together. Thank you My Body & Spirit.
John & Jenny L, Tanawha

April 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Plastic Surgery
Recently went on an escorted trip to Phuket with My Body & Spirit for cosmetic surgery. The whole experience was very positive and I am thrilled with my outcome. From my highly qualified doctor, kind and caring nurse staff, and clean, modern hospital, I felt confident and comfortable. Having everything planned, and so well organised, was for me the best decision. All I had to do was relax, and rest in beautiful surroundings. I was well looked after.
Robyn J, Noosa

April 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I had been putting off my dental work for a couple of years & was so apprehensive, unnecessarily as it turned out! Everything was amazing! From our accommodation, to the treatment, my fellow toothies, the adventures, parties, food & of course, Barb & John, who were the best. Absolutely recommended!! One of the best holidays of my life!
Tansy G, Noosa

April 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Eye Vision Surgery
I was lucky enough to hear about this opportunity through my mother, and My Body & Spirit provided me with the information and details. When I decided to go ahead and get it done, every last thing was taken care of for me – in terms of all the appointments, cost breakdown, transport, accommodation, etc – as well being part of a wonderful group of like minded people. It was a means to an end in getting 20/20 vision back, as well as having a wonderful holiday at the same time. I can’t recommend it highly enough! Just fabulous!
Deena G, Western Downs

April 2017 – Dental
I would highly recommend Bangkok Phuket Hospital & the dental team, particularly Dr. Supachai. Their professionalism and quality of care was top notch. I am very pleased with the result & would like to thank Rhi & the team at My Body & Spirit for organising the travel & treatment plan for me.
Stephen, Cooroy

March 2017 – Dental
Although my decision to have major denal work in Thailand was met with doubts by my dentist & doctor in Brisbane, I was extremely pleased with the work done by Dr. Pichet at the Bangkok Hospital in Phuket. My own dentist was impressed.
Ross H, Brisbane

February 2017 – Dental
I can’t thank My Body Spirit enough for your professionalism and kindness in organising my dental holiday. I have already recommended your services to family and friends and couldn’t be more satisfied . Thank you so much.
Ken H, Gold Coast

October 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I was on the October 2016 group tour to Phuket for dental work. I highly recommend using My Body & Spirit for group tours. Barb was fantastic and took all the stress out of the experience. The doctors and staff at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital were very caring and efficient with my treatments and I’m very happy with the results. The tours that Barb organised for us were excellent and I appreciated the personalised shopping experience and tips on bartering.
Rowena U, Canberra

October 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I required dental work to be done and had been recommended by a friend the company My Body and Spirit, Noosa Travel. I went on the October group to Phuket and from start to finish I can honestly say everything ran smoothly. All appointments, taxi service to and from hospital, meeting the group for meals and tours were well organised and professionally managed. I felt totally at ease with my work being carried out and would highly recommend going to Phuket for Dental Work. The staff worked at the highest standard and quality of workmanship puts Australia to shame. I found everything about this trip so professional and great quality that I will no longer be having any dental work carried out in Australia. To have two weeks holiday meet new friends and get all my dental work done at the same time for half the price as you would pay here, is definitely the way to go. Well done and thank you My Body and Spirit for making dental work a pleasure.
Shiner, WA

September 2016 РDental
Another client who was satisfied with the medical facilities we provided for him. I am a very nervous dental patient but the dentists and nurses were very reassuring and patient with me. They prescribed sleeping tablets to take before a couple of my more complicated appointments which helped. In addition, the staff throughout the hospital and at reception were always welcoming, friendly and helpful. The equipment and facilities were extremely clean and tidy and I didn’t have any concerns about inflection. Overall a very positive experience.
Anthony, Melbourne

July 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Plastic Surgery
The hospital was first class and all the staff were friendly, caring and very helpful. I am completely satisfied with the Doctor that treated me. Dr. Piyapas, has a very gentle and caring nature and was very reassuring before and after surgery. The whole experience more than met my expectations, it was world class. I believe that My Body & Spirit has done a wonderful job. My transfers, accommodation, appointments and surgery appeared to run like clockwork. I believe that Barb did a wonderful job. Escorting us all to and from our appointments, she visited me while I was in hospital (It was a welcome smile to my day), and she organised shows and tours on our behalf as requested. Once most of us had finished our procedures she organised day and night trips as a group places I wouldn’t have ever know existed. I know it is hard to accommodate to so many tastes, and Barb did a brilliant job.
Elissa C, Forest Hill

July 2016 РEscorted Group Departure РDental
I have just returned from my first dental treatment experience at the Bangkok Phuket International Hospital, Dental Clinic. My Trip was organised by the My Body & Spirit Team who were exceptional. Generally I cannot attend a dentist even for teeth cleaning without coming home and being on panadol for a week due to my mouth throbbing. I just couldn’t believe the difference in Phuket. I had my teeth cleaned, whitened, three lots of bridges, root canals and crowns, and all without pain and I mean no pain at all. The dental clinic staff are nothing short of fabulous and the standard of the dental clinic in terms of hygiene, presentation and the standards is extraordinary. I would not hesitate to recommend the Dental Clinic in Phuket.
Suzanne L, Gippsland

July 2016 РEscorted Group Departure РDental
I would highly recommend ‘My Body & Spirit’ to anyone who is thinking of having major dental work done, my experience with them was great, they organise everything for you and make you feel very comfortable. They are great.
Kathy B

June 2016- Dental
I went to Phuket for dental treatment. Going through My Body & Spirit made everything so much easier. Having someone else book the appointments was the best way to go.
Alison M

April 2016- Dental
Barb, at My Body & Spirit, was amazing. Her knowledge and attention to detail was superb. She made the whole experience seamless, and Gail and I would be more than happy to pass on our experience. From the suggested accommodation, transport  to and from the hospital, the dental doctor, nurses and staff were just fantastic.
Eddie and Gail, Gold Coast

April 2016- Dental
I needed to have all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. In Australia this was going to be costly so I started to look for other options. I was in quite a bit of pain and needed them out ASAP. After finding My Body and Spirit I knew I had found my solution. My whole trip was organised through email, yet I still felt like I was getting the personal touch. Although offered to go with the group, who were there the same time as me, I opted to go it alone with my partner. We were picked up from the airport, no waiting around, and the next day there was an organised car to take us to the hospital. The whole procedure took around an hour and half. I was so impressed how quickly it actually took; But even more impressed with how long my healing took. Within three days my face swelling had gone down and by the end of the week my pain had pretty much all gone and I was back to eating all the normal foods. I could not recommend My Body and Spirit more! Everything was taken care of from the moment we landed in Phuket!
Joanne R, Cranbourne East

April 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I am more than happy to recommend My Body & Spirit and Noosa Travel for their professional organisation of the medical and cosmetic tours to Phuket, Thailand. The Bangkok Hospital, Phuket, was very clean and professional; efficient and skilled professional staff and support teams. I am more than happy with my medical dental work creating also a bonus of a new smile.
Tina S, Maryborough

April 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I have just come back from a trip to Phuket to have some dental work. The whole experience was really positive. Barb and John had everything organised well in relation to dental appointments and social events. The dental hospital was fantastic and well run with great staff and my dental work is great. We also had a great group of people to socialise with.
Lisa F, Bli Bli

April 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Eye Surgery
I have made three group trips to Phuket through My Body and Spirit and I have been very satisfied with their management of the travel and accommodation arrangements. The hospital is very modern and clean and the standard of care is very professional.
Nicole A, Noosa

January 2016- Dental
The arrangements and organization by My Body & Spirit for my dental treatment was excellent, their follow up on all queries answered and their recommendations proved helpful. I would recommend their services.
Sandra S, NSW

January 2016 – Dental
I was very happy with the corrective & cosmetic dental treatment provided by Dr. Pichet at the Bangkok Hospital in Phuket.
Edward H, Noosa.

November 2015 – Dental
Barb and all the team were great from the very beginning – I appreciate everything that was organized and everything came together like clockwork – seeing as all our communication was done via emails or phone calls.

Phuket is a wonderful destination and I genuinely would love to be able to go back to visit tomorrow – Beautiful place.

All of my appointments were on time and Dr. Pichet even rescheduled my length of appointments to get all the work done before scheduled time which allowed my partner and I to experience more and sight see within Phuket.
The hospital was very professional, clean, friendly, dedicated and client focused.

I have already told a lot of people about my trip and have pointed them in the direction of My Body & Spirit and Noosa Travel.
Michael G.

October 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
If you have been reading the testimonials as I had done before contacting Barb you would have noticed a lot of people saying ”Beyond all expectations”.

I have  just returned from having been on the October tour and now know why I was constantly reading this.

I needed major dental work and was very apprehensive to take the next step, from the time we first spoke to Barb we were immediately put at ease and the trip was booked!


The doctors and staff are second to none and the work performed was fast and very efficient and very professional and your comfort and care is of  number one importance.

I walked out of  the Phuket hospital a new person with a totally new lease on life smiling for the first time in forty years, wow what a game changer to finally be able to smile!

To top this all of  Barbs team have all bases covered all I had to do was get to the lobby to get the taxi to the hospital, everything was organized for me.

The group tour was sensational I met some really amazing people from all walks of life undergoing similar treatment  who really made the trip for me.

Our group leader was fantastic and went over and beyond for all on the trip. I, despite having major dental work had a fantastic holiday also visiting various islands, zip lining, evenings out and this also was organized for us by our group leader.

The total cost was of major importance and for the work I had done compared to having the work done in Australia I paid only a small portion of what it would have cost and with a holiday on top. The end result  for me, 100% satisfied! Do yourself a favour and pick up the phone and make that call!!
Damo, Mareeba FNQ

October 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Plastic Surgery
My Body & Spirit’s years of experience was obvious from the start providing an excellent and knowledgeable service, but done with a one on one personal touch.
Lesley, Sunshine Coast

October 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
Joined the October group 2015 and didn’t think it would be as good as it was. The hospital was fantastic and the staff and Doctors were great.

The location of the hotel was excellent as was the whole trip. Exceeded all the expectations I had. Onya Rae!
T Flynn, Bowen 

October 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
My experience with My Body & Spirit was above and beyond my expectations. I decided to go ahead with the treatment following my initial consultation with Barbara because she was so knowledgeable about the treatment and she took the stress out of the decision making process. Every detail of my trip and treatment was taken care of, all I had to do was show up at the airport. Bangkok Hospital Phuket and the dental team were extremely professional and the treatment I received was of the highest standard. I cannot recommend Barbara and her team highly enough.
Ann – Ballina

July 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Facial surgery
There is no way i would travel overseas and have surgery on my own. Being with the group made it a great experience because you could discuss what others experienced and you realised that was part of the healing or process or service. You did not feel alone and you could share your experience with others.

Cyn NSW.

July 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental

I had a double bridge and a few root canals also 2 1st stage implants done and am thrilled with the results. The dentists are the best I’ve ever seen. I am definitely returning.
R. Scott Regency downs Qld.

July 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Plastic Surgery

I recently attended the group travel to have breast implant at Bangkok Phuket hospital with My Body and Spirit. I received door to door service when being transported and arrived at the best hospital facility I have seen in regards to prompt service, impeccable cleanliness, caring staff and organization. I met with my surgeon who provided me with ample time to discuss everything and felt well informed, confident and prepared for my surgery. I was then walked up to my own hospital room that was like a resort and was informed that there was a number of facilities also provided for my family member who was also staying with me and within minutes was being prepared for surgery. Once i came out of surgery i was spoken to by my surgeon about what he had done before being taken back to my room.
The surgeon then visited an hour later to follow-up with me, ensure¬†I was doing ok and if I had any further questions. The results were beyond amazing and I spent that night being monitored by the most outstanding staff before leaving the following morning to go back to my hotel and enjoy the rest of my holiday. Before i returned home I was provided with detailed information of my surgery, procedure, follow-up information and also my Dr’s contact details for any future questions. I would have no hesitation in referring anyone to My Body and Spirit or anyone who is thinking of attending Bangkok Phuket hospital as the experience has been amazing with amazing results.
Thanks to Barb and all the girls at My Body and Spirit.
– K. Wheeler

April 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental

This whole experience exceeded my expectations. Everyone involved were supportive, considerate and willingly went beyond their job description. Only have positive memories of the treatments, holiday and people involved. Many thanks Barb & everyone…. A.Scott

April 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental

Exceeded all my expectations. Treatment & Drs/staff were absolutely tremendous. Barb’s organisational skills were outstanding & she was able to enhance the Phuket experience by suggesting events/experiences that will be forever in our memories….. D.Conca

April 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental

I have just returned from April 2015 group departure. I had second stage implants and crowns finished. The new fifth floor dental wing is impressive and treatments were good as always. The staff are outstanding…. all was as planned, any changes were organised well in advance. Barb kept on top of everyone’s appointments. If anyone is considering a medical tour to Phuket have no fears. Contact My Body and Spirit…. Russ H, Melbourne

April 2015 – Bangkok

Everything was arranged beautifully for my trip. I loved my private hospital room & the staff were all very caring & attentive to all your needs. I’m in awe of the hospitals size…..Accommodation was comfortable & close to shopping centres, transport & shops…. Julie – Sunshine Coast

May 2015 – Dental

This is my second trip with My Body & Spirit….. I have no hesitation in recommending both the Bangkok International Hospital Phuket – Dental Clinic and the Horizon Karon Beach Resort & Spa. On two occasions I have found the dental clinic has exceeded my expectations and am extremely happy and satisfied. The Horizon Karon is a welcoming relaxing resort with wonderful staff and food. The facilities are tremendous. Both the hospital and the resort are very lucky to have amazing staff….. Julie S.

May 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental

I was completely satisfied with the whole tour…..I really enjoyed the experience and being part of a group¬†was good and great for sharing our experiences and being able to support each other….. I’m really happy with my dental work and my teeth…. Now I can smile with confidence. The accommodation was great so were the staff and food was amazing and there were plenty of choices for guests who had dental procedure …… Mary from QLD

April 2015 – Phuket

Barb and the Noosa Travel team are very good at ensuring all your hotel, transfers and appointment bookings are confirmed. Everything booked for our holiday went to plan without any issues. Thank-you Barb….L. Josephs

May 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental

I had a wonderful experience creating my new smile. I hated having my photo taken as my teeth where so awful. For a long time I wanted to get the nice white even smile everyone on tv has but couldn’t afford the work done and abhorred the thought of going to the dentist, and felt embarrassed at the state of my teeth. After getting over the thought of strangers looking at the close up photos of my teeth the whole process has been smooth sailing and a great experience. I had the nicest dentists ever and they made the procedures pain free. On the escorted group I felt welcomed and supported, everyone had similar stories and it was nice to share the experience. I now can’t stop grinning; I am so pleased with the result. Thanks to everyone involved.
Di, Brisbane.

November 2014-Phuket

I was a little bit nervous about the whole thing before I left, but all of my worries were unfounded. The treatment and care i received in Phuket was amazing.
My transport to and from the hospital was never late, My appointments always ran on time, all the staff were very friendly and highly professional. The doctor was wonderful, the work he has done on my teeth is amazing. The whole experience exceeded all my expectations and Noosa travel arranged the whole thing, including my gorgeous accommodation without a hitch. I would highly recommed the whole thing to anyone.
Mandy B, Brisbane.

 February 2015-Phuket

I would be  more than happy to recommend Noosa travel/Bangkok Hospital Phuket according to my experience whihc was faultless. I am so very pleased with the outcome as i was very nervous being such extensive dental work in a country i have never been to, daunted me.
I am so pleased that i had all this work done. My teeth look amazing and it is so good to smile again and to be able to eat any food.
Staff at both Hospital and Noosa travel were exceptional.
Marina Mullins

December – Phuket

Dr Captian did my lens implants & I can’t speak highly enough about his clinical skills, his genuine care factor, great bedside manner, personal focus, and the next to none high quality of work, by not just himself, but ALL the team members. I received better care there than what I know i would received in an Australian health facility (I’m a Nurse so i can make this statement). I would like to go over there again for dental work but I have to save up for it. All the same, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else but Bangkok Phuket hospital. Since my experience there, I tell everyone about my complete satisfaction & the high quality of standards provided by thus organisations & have advised all of my friends to seriously consider it for themselves.
Desley Quinton

January 2015-Phuket

The overall treatment i recived from the dentist and dental hospital in Phuket was very professional and i consider to be first class.
The doctors and staff were polite, well trained and extremely thorough when doing my dental work.
Mike H, Noosa Heads QLD

October 2014-Phuket

The whole over all experience was brilliant, i would highly recommend these services to anyone requiring surgery and a lovely holiday at the same time, with zero hassels.
B Mills Castaways Beach QLD

October 2014- Phuket

After getting some outrageous prices to have teeth fixed in Melbourne i came across My Body and Spirit. My first contact with them made me feel a little less apprehensive about thai dentistry. the process was simple with OPG and scans, photos of teeth and what exactly you want to have fixed. about a week later i received an estimate about 50% less than OZ. I went on the October escorted tour with Barb and it was seamless with transport to and from hospital for all apointments. My experience was really good with all dentist and staff polite and respectful. Dentists were as good if not better than OZ.
Russ H. Melbourne ViC

October 2014- Phuket

The enjoyment, fun and overal experience was overwhelming and unforeen. the people, atmorphere and surgery’s were all well and truly worth it.
Thank you very much
Robert B. Yarragon VIC

October 2014-Phuket

I’m so happy with my dental treatment and everything is organised for you, cannot fault anything.
Thank you Barb and Rea
( Wish i’d found you sooner!!)
Jenny G. Gympie QLD

October 2014- Phuket

Initially i was very wary about having cosmetic surgery done overseas but after witnessing some excellent results and some very happy people, who had cosmetic surgery done with the May group, i decided to go ahead and book in to have surgery done with the October group. I was very impressed with the standard of Phuket hospital and stuff. Of course travlelling with a group made everthing so much easier. i would recommend cosmetic surgery travelling with My Body and Spirit.
Sabind P, Brisbane QLD

September 2014- Phuket

I found the whole experience through my body and spirit and Bangkok hospital Phuket extremely professional, well organized and hassle free. The dentists were excellent, communicated well in English and the hospital clean and hygienic. I recommended my body and spirit to anyone to organize your dental holiday.

Grant L. Pereigian QLD

October 2014- Group Departure- Phuket

Overall the experience exceeded my expectations. My body and spirit were professional, friendly and available throughout the entire process. I had some reservations about going overseas to have major dental work done, which is normal, but having now completed the trip I would highly recommend it. The cost was less than half of price for the work in Australia- with part of the savings offsetting the entire cost of the trip it really a no-brainer as the extra fun is a bonus. The hospital was accredited and of a standard you could expect anywhere in Australia. The doctors were excellent, while there are always inevitable language hiccups with staff, communication was effective and always available-if you need information, simply ask and listen. If you’re opinionated with an ego to match your unrealistic expectations then maybe this is not for you. The resort accommodation was great; Horizon Karon staff were friendly and always willing to assist, stir in some good food and great company, add a dollop of beach nearby, mix in some drinks at the private pool wet bar and add regular shuttles to the madness of Patong you have a recipe for fun to complement your pearly whites.

Hamilton, Newport  QLD

October 2014 РGroup Departure- Phuket

I felt the escorted trip was well organised and certainly met my expectations. My impression of the medical staff was one of professionalism, efficiency and helpfulness. At no time did I fel the services offered were less than best practice or inferior to what might be expected in Australia.

Andrews. Caloundra

May 2014 – Group Departure – Phuket

My dental treatment in Phuket was a thoroughly satisfying experience. The hospital and Dr. Thanit gave one great confidence. Rae as our tour escort made everything run like clock work. I could not praise the Body & Spirit company enough.

Joan H. Melbourne

May 2014 – Dental work – Phuket

Dave, Avoca Beach NSW was very satisfied with Noosa Travel & My Body and Spirit and would recommend the Bangkok Hospital at Phuket Dental Hospital for their efficient and cost effective treatment.

May 2014 – Plastic Surgery – Phuket

Don’t think twice about not having Cosmetic Surgery in Phuket, my whole experience was ‘AMAZING’. I love my new body, just can’t wait to start exercising to keep it in shape. RAE and BARB at My Body & Spirit were ‘AMAZING’ the whole organised surgery and trip was stress free and so easy, just had to turn up. Highly recommend the Bangkok Hospital in Phuket, the staff and cleanliness of the hospital was fantastic.

Leeanne R, Albany

April 2014 – Dental work – Phuket

From the time we started organising this trip I found My Body & Spirit professional and caring. Always able to answer any questions I may have had. Would definitely recommend this service for anyone travelling to Thailand for dental work.

Sharon, Peregian

May 2014 – Group Departure – Plastic Surgery

Initially I had been concered about travelling to a foreign country for cosmetic surgery on my own. However as soon as I landed in Phuket, there was the greeting from the hospital welcome team; support and reassurance from Barb and Rae from My Body & Spirit before and after my surgery; professional staff at the Bangkok Hospital caring for me; and the espirit de corps and fun times from my fellow travel group while recovering at the wonderful Horizon Karon Beach Resort and Spa.

Catriona, Gold Coast

May 2014 – Group Departure – Dental work

For what I would have paif for my dental work to be done in Australia I enjoyed an escorted 2 week stay in a luxury resort in Phuket, Thailand. All transfers to and from airport and from resort to dentist organized. The dental clinic is located in a major Phuket hospital, so the standard of hygiene and professionalism very high. Its a great concept and very well executed. My thanks to Barbara and our escort Rae from Noosa Travel for an excellently coducted operation. Highly recommended.

Alan E, Kuluin

May 2014 – Group Departure – Dental work

I travelled to Phuket with My Body and Spirit to get extensive dental work done. I was a bit apprehensive about the idea of having dental work done in Thailand however I found that the dental work done at Bangkok Hospital Phuket was of very high standard and travelling with the group helped me to overcome and concerns I had. I highly recommend travel with My Body and Spirit to get any dental work done.

Sabina PW,

Brisbane April 2014 – Plastic Surgery

In Phuket My Body and Spirit particularly Rae was a fantastic help when I went to book my overseas cosmetic holiday. Rae took care of everything, made wonderful suggestions and the follow up email after my trip was a lovely personal touch. I woul definately recommend My Body and Spirit to others.

Jenna, Qld

April 2014 – Dental work

In Phuket Every aspect from start to finish was fantastic. Flights, accommodation and hospital. The hospital is ‘state of the arts’ Very modern and new with brilliant equipment and staff. Accommodation and hospital staff were so helpful and friendly. You are not in hospital every day so you have time to relax and enjoy.

 Sandra G, Noosa)

February 2014 – Dental work

In Phuket I would unreservedly recommend dental treatment in Phuket. I am extremely pleased with what has been done so far and am lookinf forward to having the bottom teeth done.
Glenys Ward

February 2014 – dental work

In Phuket My partner and I embarked on a voyage of a lifetime to have our dental work completed and set for our pending retirement in the next three years. Whilst we have spent a lot of money over the past few years we felt that some dentist’s in Australia are more interested in what they can recover from the Health Schemes rather than the outcome for the patient and while spending thousands of dollars each year we were not gaining and achieving our goals of having a completed package prior to retirement. We then chose to look at Thailand for a package to have our work completed and bought up to date. While tossing up between Bangkok and Phuket we finally settled on Bangkok Hospital in Phuket and we are pleased to confirm we were not disappointed with our decision and would highly recommend this facility to an pending patient. The package makes the experience very enjoyable and removes a lot of the stress we all have with any dental experience, and the hospital and staff are equivalent to a high class resort or hotel. Lastly our experience with my Body & Spirit was also very painless and very helpful and i have recommended people already as they are very professional and also professional about the packages they offer.

Cheers Bruce G.

November 2013 – plastic surgery (breast augmentation)

In Phuket If you are thinking of getting plastic surgery through My Body & Spirit just do it.  The whole experience was organised, professional and the results exceeded my expectations.  My surgeon was spectactular and really interested to what I wanted.  Everything about this was well organised and exceptional in every way.  Now stop reading this and make your appointment.

Annie  Brisbane.

November 2013 – dental work

In Phuket The dental work we received in Phuket we were 100% satisfied with, it is a clean, safe environment, and  can communicate easily in english. Even my blood pressure was taken before each visit. Taxi drivers were always prompt to pick me up from my hotel. I would recommend it and met people there who had been before and returned.

Julie, Tewantin

October 2013 –

Plastic surgery & dental Brilliant agency to book for a cosmetic/dental holiday. I had a breast augmention and dental work done at Yahnee International Hospital Bangkok. Hospital and staff were impeccable!! Not to mention the PS who did my augmentation Dr. Pramote. Absolutely amazing! Thanks Barbara and the team at Noosa Travel for making my dreams come true! I am a new confident woman!

Emma R, Noosa

October 2013 – group departure –

dental work I searched the internet and came across My Body & Spirit.  I decided to go with this company because of the story behind it in regards to Barb and her husband.  I liked the fact that I could go to a foreign country with an escort and as a group tour.  Barb made me feel welcome and comfortable.  I had a bout of food poisoning and Barb looked after me and made sure I was okay something I would have not got if I was there on my own.  I received Dental treatment and my experience with the dentist was great.  He was very kind and gentle and did an excellent job.  I am looking forward to going back next year to get the rest of my dental work.

Shayna, Gladstone

October 2013 – group departure –

dental work I was reluctant to go OS for dental treatment and it took about 18 months of research on the net before I finally went back to what seemed the best fit for my circumstances.¬† Now I would be the biggest advocate for it. Barb was the best host and made me and everyone in the group comfortable both at the hospital and arranged outings for anyone who wanted to attend when and where they wanted.¬† We had some great nights out together.¬† Who could have thought that having dental work done (I’m a dental phobic) would actual be so much fun.¬† The group was great and many friends were made.

Warrick B, Lismore NSW

October 2013 –

dental With urgent dental work required and only a few days to organize, Barbara and her team went above and beyond to arrange everything from our dental photos’ to the appointments, transfers, flights and resort bookings, nothing was left to chance and we not only had a great¬†holiday but the dental work is outstanding, with staff and hospital quality of the highest standard.¬† We are telling all of our friends that if you require dental work then My Body & Spirit is a one stop shop and you will be not disappointed.

Noeline & Brian Bellingen… NSW

September 2013 –

Dental I would highly recommend Noosa Travel if you are contemplating getting dental work done in Thailand. The dentist and dental hospital were first rate. Dr Supachai was gentle, caring and fastidious with his work. I am more than pleased with the work I had done. Noosa Travel’s arrangements for me went like clockwork. The flights and transfers as well as the taxis to the dental appointments all went without a hitch. Once again, highly recommended.

Barry Leek, Noosa Heads

September 2013 –

Dental Some people have the idea that getting any sort of dental or surgical work done in Thailand is risky.  I can vouch that it is very clean and professional where I had my dental work done at Bangkok Phuket Hospital.  I am very happy with the end result and the care and hygiene practised whilst going through all my procedures.  The dentist also explained clearly at all times the procedures he is about to do and encourages you to stop at any time if you are uncomfortable.  I would highly recommend it to anyone considering treatment.

Margareta T, Kin Kin

July 2013 –

Escorted Group Departure Enjoyed the trip and it was great to have Barbara escorting us to the hospital and liasing with the hospital staff to ensure everything was running well. She also took us to some great restaurants and gave us some shopping tips.

A Weber. Melbourne

July 2013 РEscorted Group Departure   

Most happy with my dental work.  The dentist was very patient skilled and the outcome was excellent.  Being in the group just gave that extra degree of security.. especially to the single travelers.   Would not hesitate to return if I needed any further procedures.  All staff at the hospital were extremely pleasant.  And the hospital pre arranged pickups made the whole experience very easy.

Paula R.  Coolum

May 2013

We highly recommend the staff and Barbara from My Body & Spirit to anyone seeking a familiar experience.  My wife and I both had dental work and extremely happy.
Fred S. Sunshine Coast

May 2013

After my wife had her teeth crowned in Phuket last year, and our own dentist being amazed at the quality of the work that was performed (14 crowns in total), I had no hesitation in going back again and getting some dental work done myself, consisting of 4 crowns and a bridge, a filling and clean and scale Рall for $2100 Рand in only three appointments!  Plus a brilliant holiday included as well.  My wife & I are so happy with the treatment we received and the quality of work done that we are going back in October and taking our daughter to have some of her teeth crowned.  The group travel aspect was superb, the escort, Kelly on this trip, arranged tours and dinners, etc., and everything ran as smooth as silk.   Could not have wished for better.

John B. Ferny Hills,

Brisbane March 2013

I am so happy with my dental treatment, Noosa Travel were quick to respond to all my requirements and gave me options. Everything ran like clockwork, airport transfers and hospital pickups. The whole experience has been wonderful and I have a smile to show it.

Jen, Cairns.

March 2013

I went over to get all my teeth fixed with root canal, posts and crowns. I was always picked up on time from both hotel and hospital. The dentists I saw were friendly and professional. They took pride in the work they did – perfectionists. I now have a beautiful set of teeth that look natural rather than my broken, mismatched teeth. Can whole heartedly recommend this dental service: A”Class November 2012 I am very¬†satisfied with the treatment and I am happy to go back for more.

B.I.Brisbane Qld

October 2012 –

Escorted Group departure I have recently returned back to Australia after having Breast Augmentation surgery in Phuket.¬† After years of wanting to get this procedure done I finally worked up the courage to do it.¬† I went on the escorted tour with Barbara and had an absolute ball.¬† I met some wonderful people on our holiday which made the whole experience very memorable and enjoyable.¬† The quality and level of treatment I received in the hospital and post surgery was outstanding.¬† I can not speak more highly about them.¬† Bothe the team at My Body & Spirit and at Bangkok Phuket Hospital, Phuket.¬† I’m extremely happy with the results of my surger, thanks to Dr Piyapas with all modern conveniences.¬† It would have put a lot of hospital rooms to shame in Australia.¬† The Nursing Staff were very caring and attentive to my every needs.

Lisa, Hervey Bay

October 2012 –

Escorted group departure We travelled in a small group from Brisbane Airport and met the rest of the group at our accommodation in Bangkok where we stayed for three days.  We then travelled to Phuket and stayed at the Horizon Karon Resort for a further 12 days.  Our group was very compatible and enjoyable.  The group escort, Barbara made our trip very enjoyable by being attentive to our medical/dental requirements and coordinating meetings for shopping and meals.  The group has indicated that they will be communicating with each other, exchanging photos and news from their ongoing lives. I can highly recommend the dental treatment I received at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital in Phuket and the group holiday I experienced with others and Barbara from My Body & Spirit.

Graeme P

July 2012 –

Escorted group departure Initially I was very apprehensive concerning my teeth and dentists. My history isn’t the best – probably an understatement! My concern for my teeth was justified with many days of discomfort in the chair. Dr Thanit and the staff provided a positive, effecient, and cost effective procedures to repair my teeth. I am now really comfortable to smile again.

William B Noosa/Melbourne

July 2012

I didn’t know what to expect but found everything had been organised for me. The whole experience was very easy. FJ Adelaide July 2012 The whole dental experience was really so much better than what we receive at home. The hospital staff could not do enough to make you welcome and feel safe. I was extremely satisfied with my dental treatment. We had a wonderful time and will definitely be booking our next trip with Emily Tracey at My Body & Spirit. emily was on the ball reassuring us new travellers of all that would happen.

Christine H, Bega NSW

July 2012 –

Escorted group departure I found the whole experience very well organised and best of all worry free for us ( my husband and daughter travelled as well). Everything was arranged from the appointments to the transport to and from the hospital. The dental services were very professional and caring people with a high quality of workmanship. I love my new teeth, I am no longer self-conscious by my smile. We also had a wonderful holiday and a lot of fun with our fellow patients. Barb was always on hand to smooth out any concerns we had. I am looking forward to getting more work done next year!

Jenny B, Ferny Hills QLD

July 2012

Hi my name is MX – I required dental treatment and was recommended to the Bangkok Phuket Hospital via My Body & Spirit. Initially, I was a little apprehensive having dental work done abroad but that fear faded very quickly once I commenced treatment at BPH. The doctors, dental assistands, general hospital staff operated like a well-oiled machine taking care of all your needs with a minimum of fuss. Certainly our hospitals in Australia could learn lessons on how to provide such superb customer service.

July 2012 РEscorted group departure 

This was my first experience with Noosa Travel, Bangkok Hospital in Phuket and Thailand. From the inaugural meeting with Noosa Travel and the detailed information given at the open night what followed was a seamless flow of information about the trip detailing the hospital visits, clinic schedules and estimated treatment plan costs. On arrival at the hotel in Phuket, we were greeted by Barbara who checked us in to the hotel. Taxis met us at the hotel reception on the appointed days for our hospital visits and collected us after our treatment to take us back to the hotel. All this happens without any hitch. I was very impressed with the whole experience and I would not have any hesitation but to strongly recommend Noosa Travel to anyone else who may be contemplating Dental or Cosmetic surgery in the near future.

Regards David W, Eumundi

July 2012 –

Escorted group departure A very interesting experience as I hate dentists. Found the Bangkok Hospital Phuket to be absolutely first class in its treatment of patients, the dentists were extremely well trained, very caring and considerate at all times. My treatment for crown, extraction and brightening all went to plan. I must say that I was also rather ill 3 days prior to leaving Phuket and the Emergency Department of the Bangkok Hospital Phuket saw me within 5 minutes of arriving and gave me excellent treatment for dehydration, at a cost of around 1760 Baht (approx Aussie $55). Very impressive service, the costs are way cheaper than for dental services here in Australia, in fact we had a lovely holiday as well and still came out in front. If you are looking at major work being done on your teeth, then you should definitely consider the option of using this service. Barb was great as the host of the group, giving us the option of joining in group activities or leaving us to do what we wished.

Craig R, Qld

June 2012

I wish to congratulate Barbara, My Body & Spirit for the professional and efficient way my trip to, accommodation in, and appointments for Dental work in Phuket were arranged. Plus insurance and futher travel arrangements – I can recommend their service without any reservationss whatsoever. Anne, C. Qld May 2012 My experience through My Body & Spirit exceeded my expectations. All arrangements were taken care of. My appointments were on time and the hospital and staff were outstanding. I am very pleased with the results of my dental work and enjoyed Phuket and the Horizon Karon Resort as a holiday destination. The local tour guide – Tour East – were so helpful. Dr Supachai was great. I can’t recommend the experience highly enought.

Chris P Penrith, NSW

May 2012

I had wanted to have veneers done for cosmetic reasons.  I was given good advice on what I could have and what else was needed and what to prioritise.  With the limit of 2 weeks holiday there is no way we could have organised all of the appointments Рjust knowing where to go is a big thing to do on your own.  Having it all organised before we left was fantastic.

Robyn  Qld

May 2012

I would recommend anyone who is thinking of any dental work done at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. The ground staff were very good and on time. The hospital was very clean and the staff were very professional. Marty S, Noosa April 2012 – Group Departure I would highly recommend travelling with Barbara on the group departures. She goes out of her way to help you, with any problems she may have. Gets you to appointments on time, arranges anything you ask for, trips, tours or dining out.

M, Noosa

April 2012 –

Group Departure We are so happy with our trip with Barb and Noosa Travel. Overall a very enjoyable experience. Would be quite happy to do it all again one day soon.

Garry & Carol McDonald, Bundaberg

April 2012 – Group Departure

This was a great trip, well organised and lots of fun.  For anybody considering surgery, I would say do your homework carefully and go for it!  The Bangkok-Phuket Hospital is a beautiful building with wonderful staff and doctors, all very professional.  One of the advantages of going with a group is that you can all commiserate with one another and share your nervousness and your stories.   I went with a friend to hold my hand as well so that was even better.  It was great to have Barbara show the way because she is familiar with the area and the procedures at the hospital, organising the taxi service and making initial introductions etc. which is reassuring and helpful in a different country.  Although Patong Beach itself is crowded and busy with tourists, it is fun and easy to get around with plenty of distractions if you are feeling a bit under the weather!

Kerrie C

April 2012

My holiday treatment changed my life, all my anxiety and pre concepted ideas of the dental treatment were put at ease when I first seen the standard of the hospital “first class”. The doctors were very professional as well, actually it started at the ushers at the door followed by the international visitors desk then the counter staff all communicating in good English. From the time you enter the hospital you are escorted from doctor to doctor, treatment to treatment. I’m glad I did book with Noosa Travel, I tried booking with an inferior travel agent and nearly didn’t go as was not confident in the outcome they were offering. I was recommended to My Body and Spirit so I took my mates advice and I am so glad I did it’s changed my life and my beliefs.

Davis, Melbourne

Feb 2012

We were very satisfied with Noosa Travel and My Body and Spirit and would recommend the Bangkok Hopsital at Phuket Dental Clinic for their efficient and cost effective treatment.

Dave, Avoca Beach – NSW

Jan 2012    

My partner and I have just returned from getting dental work done at the Bangkok Hospital in Phuket. We were so pleasantly surprised, not just by the price, but the surroundings, it was really state of the Art and the staff were excellent and very efficient. It was everything we hoped it would be, the staff spoke English, the Dentist was fabulous, he was so particular and precise, he did a marvellous job for us. We booked our whole trip and dental procedures through Barbara at Body & Spirit, Barbara was great! She took the time to explain everything before we left and she arranged everything for us, including the transport to and from the Hospital, which gave us tremendous peace of mind. She was only a phone call away, but it was so well organised we didn’t need help with anything, we would not hesitate to recommend The Bangkok Hospital in Phuket to anyone wanting to save money on their procedures and we would certainly recommend doing business with Barbara, she knows Phuket very well and therefore can give advice based on her own personal trips. We really enjoyed the whole experience, saved money and had a terrific holiday as well!

White, Gold Coast

Oct 2011

My experience at Bangkok Hospital Phuket was excellent. Dr Pongsakorn is very sincere and professional surgeon. He did a wonderful job with my breast augmentation. He is easy to understand, and explains things very well. The hospital was very clean and the staff were very welcoming and friendly. I would recommend Bangkok Hospital Phuket and Dr Pongsakorn for breast augmentation.   Rhiannon, M. Sunshine Coast. Sep 2011 Our trip to Phuket with Noosa Travel for dental treatment was most successful. My husband had a cataract operation whilst there and is very happy with the results. We have been referring our friends to our new dentists over in Phuket too.

Judy W – Cooroy

July 2011     

Just travelling for the second time for dental work to Phuket with MyBodyandSpirit. Cannot fault the service both here and there, would be happy to go again with Kirby’s help if we need more dental work in the future!

Irene R – Pagewood NSW

June 2011 

Brilliant dental work-More then pleased they were efficient and helpful with seamless service. Caring dentistry and sursing staff, with attention to health and well being was constant.Relatively pain free, to the point where i feel asleep in the chair. We are constantly recommending this service. Cannot talk highly enough about it all.

Hamish- Doonan.

May 2011 

It has taken me 4 years to get the courage to do this. No regret and should have done it years ago. The doctors and staff are so caring. Experienced no pain during my dental treatment. Going back to have more work done.

Sue S Noosa

May 2011

  Having a group turned into alot of good friends. We were all there together for each other but had our own privacy. I would like to thank you very much and congratulate Barbara on the organisation of the group departure. Thank you for visiting me in hospital to see I was doing fine and later at the hotel checking all was ok and the flowers you gave me at the hospital, how nice. Well done, will go again. Thank you Barbara. Rae

W Wynnum

May 2011

After going to the dentist here in Australia I realised how unaffordable it was to have the work done here. So I started to look into dental work overseas and decided to book with My Body & Spirit. I am now telling everyone I speak too that is needing any dental work to contact Emma at My Body & Spirit and she will organise everything for you. I was so happy with the work and Phuket as a holiday destination I can’t wait to go back.

Anne – Tewantin

May 2011

I had the best time because of the group and the way Barb guided us through the days. I was alone but I had so much fun and all I want to do is return! From the moment I met everyone it was as though we had all known each other for years. I am sure Barb has a uniuqe gift and that is what brought us all together. I was a 71 year old travelling alone, and Barb knew how nervous I was regarding this trip. As soon as I arrived Barb met me in the hotel lobby and from that moment I lost all anxiety. I had the best time during my 22 day stay and returned to astonish everyone with the amazing change that had been carried out on my teeth. I fee, I must mention that my gums in some places because of my age had receeded. I was more than happy to see the crowns had been specially made to cover this. Teeth aside, the holiday was a bit like a comic strip at times, Barb herding me on to the elephant with her at Khao Sok National Park…then hauling me up to the tree platform to be strapped into the flying fox…bargaining with Charlie over the price of his fireworks to let off for us on the beach at the sunset dinner at Surin Beach…. Barb making sure we got the best seats at Fantasea at the lowest possible price. Giving me the confidence to fly to Bangkok on my own and organising an amazing tour for me of the Thai Burma Railway (River Kwai) which included lunch in the jungle, followed by a canoe trip and a spirtual tour of the temples the next day.

Lyn McErvale Yarrawonga VIC

June 2011

The professional and medical standard is excellent. I would not hesitate to return to the Bangkok Phuket Hospital for any future treatment whether dental or cosmetic.

Rae P Noosa

May 2011

I couldn’t have asked for better service, the staff at My Body & Spirit were very helpful. The accommodation at the Novotel was beautiful. The doctors and staff were excellent and spotlessly clean, you couldn’t have asked for better.

Beverley Q – Mt Coolum

April 2011

Having a phobia of dentists, when I found out that I needed 2 x root canals done fairly quickly and a few major fillings I started to freak out. Then I found out about the cost in Australia. One of my friends suggested in passing the idea of Thailand for dental work. My Body & Spirit had great feedback and heaps of information on the website. Emma was prompt and thorough with information so I booked the trip. The Staff in Phuket were amazing, so efficient and friendly. They went to a lot of effort to ensure I was comfortable. He gave me time out if I started to get panicky and my teeth look great. Plus I got to recover on the beach. Couldn’t have asked for a better deal!

Tamara VIC

April 2011

What can I say, everything we read on the My Body and Spirit website and testimonials was exactly how it was. Emma organised everything and it all went as smooth as silk. Flights, transfers, accommodation, hospital and transfers, tours, food and the people, we couldn’t fault one aspect of our entire stay over there. The hospital was very modern, the staff and the doctors were excellent and I felt relaxed and well cared for at all times. Our accommodation at the Front Village Karon Beach was just what we were after. Something a bit quieter, and we had a lovely time staying there. I can’t thank Emma and Noosa Travel enough for making going to the dentist such an enjoyable experience.

Tony – Urunga NSW

April 2011

Our Phuket experience was one we will remember for a long time. The markets and the tours we took while we were there was amazing and so easy to arrange. The markets were an experience all of their own, never pay the first asking price the shop owners enjoy the bartering just as much as we do. Emma made our holiday a perfect experience and kept track of everything for us.

Tracy – Ballarat

April 2011

Thank-you for the seamless manner in which this trip was organised, from the flights, transfers, dental work and accommodation, all was far better than expected and less expensive than anticipated. I will book again and will recommend to friends.

Glenn B – Noosa

March 2011

Our recent Dental holiday to Phuket far exceeded our expectations. The flights with strategic airlines and our accommodation at the Mercure Patong were both excellent. The dental service with transport to and from, and the helpful and informative staff with their professional manner took going to the dentist to a whole new level. Many thanks to Emma and Noosa Travel for organising this.

Jim & Kaye – Tewantin

March 2011

Noosa Travel & My Body & Spirit did a great deal to facilitate a smooth trip and experience for me, taking care of all the details and making the whole experience easy. I was very happy with the dentists I had, 3 in all. Dr Supachai was very kind, competent and conscientious. I was very pleased with the work he completed on my teeth. The ground services transport to and from the hotel and hospital, was a fantastic service. They were very reliable with polite drivers and great cars, very comfortable for the half hour journey each way to the hospital. The whole dental experience was beyond my expectations in terms of customer service, quality of staff and treatment. I am very happy with the results and very glad I made the effort.

Kerri, Bli Bli QLD

February 2011  

I would like to thank Barbara from Noosa Travel & My Body and Spirit for organizing my recent trip to Phuket for dental treatment. After receiving advice from our family dentist on the Sunshine Coast that I would need crown/veneer treatment and was shocked with the quote for this work. It was suggested that I look at the possibility of having this done overseas similar to my husband’s friend. I searched the internet for information on where/how to approach this. To my delight, the following day I received an email from Barbara who was situated locally to me, reading those testimonials and making contact with Barbara made me instantly comfortable with the idea. Barbara explained the process, made the bookings for flights, accommodation, appointments etc with ease and professionalism. Follow up information was submitted without fuss and taken care of instantly. The treatment I received both locally with Noosa Travel and with the wonderful, caring and experienced doctors was beyond expectations. The hospital staff were extremely friendly and always had a smile to greet you that made you feel comfortable. I am so proud of my new smile and would not hesitate in encouraging others to do the same as myself. A big thank you to Noosa Travel/My Body and Spirit

Rhonda, Pelican Waters, QLD

December 2010  

I have had treatment in Bangkok and Phuket. It is all worth while to include a holiday and dental. Many people are afraid because of it being in a foreign country, but they are more compitent and skilled htan many of our own dentists. They all speak very good english and are very understanding.

Brian, Gold Coast

November 2010  

We were a little worried before we left, but found there was absolutely nothing to worry about. We had a great 3 week holiday and Rob got a new smile that we love and we saved more than $20,000 (holiday and spending money included). To top it off, the service was much better than we have ever received in Australia, and we to ride an elephant and eat beautiful food every day etc.

Rob & Di, Romsey VIC

October 2010 

Firstly, I just want to thank My Body & Spirit, and the Bangkok Hospital in Phuket sooo much for making this all possible. For what you pay in Thailand is so little to the prices here in Australia and the service is so much better, it was just amazing i honestly could not ask for anything more. From the moment I arrived everything was taken care of and it was such peace of mind. When I got to the hospital the staff were really welcoming and caring – from the reception to the nurses to the surgeon…it was just exceptional! I am recommending anyone who is considering surgery to go there, you will be happy you did! My surgeon, Dr Pongsakorn made me feel so at ease and answered anything I had to ask. I just can’t thank them enough for all their hard work. I’m amazed, and I’d do it all again!

Rebecca, Brisbane QLD (Breast Augmentation)

October 2010  

I was so happy with the Doctors and how they looked after me. If anyone is thinking about it I would say go there! It’s cheaper, cleaner and best of all you can’t even see any scars!

Cally, Noosa (after breast augmentation)

July 2010 

Our original quote from the Australian dentist was $1,000’s of dollars more and the work quoted far more complicated than was required. After Consultation with Emma and the Thai dentist it was determined we didn’t require nearly as much work & it could be done much cheaper, faster and easier in Phuket. After having half of the work done so dar i am dying to go back to get it finished. They were GREAT. I am smiling again.

Irene R, VIC

June 2010 

Bangkok Phuket Hospital Phuket exceeded all of my expectations; I have never had an experience, which was so effortless and professional. Australian hospitals could definitely take a leaf out of this establishment’s book. At no stage was there anything that was too much to ask of any of the staff at this hospital. The staff – from the man who greeted me at the door to the nurses in the ward made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Anyone who is thinking, this may be something they would like to do, please do it – you will not regret it. My doctor, Dr Pongsatron was a very gentle and considerate person who is a wealth of knowledge in his field. Noosa Travel/My Body and Spirit made everything work for me seemlessly and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a professional and knowledgeable team to look after a fantastic holiday like this. Thank you to Barb and her team for everything – AAA++ service.

Samantha, Sunshine Coast

June 2010

To be completely honest I really didn’t know what to expect of my dental work in Phuket, Thailand. The service, cleanliness and professionalism made the experience totally worth the travel. I went for a treatment recommended by an Australian dentist and received advice from my Thai dentist that both saved me time and money, advice I doubt I would receive from an Australian dentist. I have the utmost confidence in the Bangkok Hospital, Phuket as well as Dr Pangsrinont and would highly recommend both to anyone.

Karina W, Sydney

May 2010

Fantastic from start to finish. Emma was great, informing me of what the Dr had to say, to asking any questions I needed answering. The Doctor was very kind and gentle and the hospital and staff were beautiful. And I’m very happy with my surgery so Thank you very very much.

Joy, Melbourne

May 2010

Noosa Travel provide a great service where they act as a very efficient and effective conduit between intending clients and Bangkok hospital in Phuket. Our travel & accommodation was organised very well. Emma has done a terrific job with that and the dental component.

Mal T – Noosa

April 2010

The dentist and staff were great. They were very professional and experienced in the dental treatment they provided. The results definately met my expectations and I would definately recommend Dr.Supachai for anyone needing crowns – results were very pleasing! I really want to Thank you for organising the trip and dentist visits for me, I know it took alot of time to organise and I really appreciate your help. You were very helpful and I would definately recommend you as a great travel agent!! It was my first trip to Phuket and definately won’t be the last – I have already told my family and friends what a wonderful place it is and I would love to make another trip there.

Liza A – Melbourne

April 19, 2010

I was satisfied with my dental treatment in Phuket, Thailand. My friends had gone before and so I decided to take the plunge. What would have cost me $14,000… here cost me $7000 over there. I not only had a reasonably priced holiday, I had my teeth done and loved every day that I spent in Thailand. This is much better than visiting our dentists for 1 hour every week and costing us the world. My friend came with me and she also had hers done. My husband is now going over to have his done, so that should speak for itself. Noosa Travel made it easy.

Margaret Thompson

January 10, 2010

I was apprehensive when a colleague suggested that I have my dental requirements attended to in Thailand. When I discovered that I could take my two teenage daughters to Phuket for two weeks (airfares, transfers, accommodation, full breakfast daily and all the required dental work included) for less than the cost of the four crowns I needed if commisssioned in Australia, I made the decision to book with Emma at Noosa Travel. The Bangkok Phuket Hospital staff were efficient, our dental appointments on time, the Dentist was thorough and fully answered any questions that we had. I am very happy with the service that was provided. My daughter who had a wisdom tooth extracted with the minimum of fuss was happy to ‘recover’ on the beautiful beaches of Thailand. All in all we had an excellent dental experience (if there is such a thing) and have great memories of a fantastic holiday.

Sharon – Noosa Heads

December 09, 2009

Thanks so very much Barb. My trip to Thailand for cosmetic surgery exceeded my expectations. Dr Ponsakorn was amazing, so kind, caring and very professional. Bangkok Phuket Hospital was fabulous (5 star) and the hospital staff were so friendly and provided A Class care and service. All my appointments were on time and I always felt well informed. I am so happy with my breast augmentation. Dr Ponsakorn has done a fantastic job. We stayed at Hotel Ibis Kata, and the service was great, the hotel was lovely and the staff were so friendly. Kata Beach is beautiful, such an amazing spot. Thanks Barb and Noosa Travel for organising the best experience of my life.

Angela, Sunshine Coast.

November 2009

I am more than pleased with the results, my friends are looking at me with strange looks on their faces, they keep saying, “What have you been up too? You look good and your eyes are really shining”. Dr Piyapas was excellent, he took the time to explain everything to me, did not hurry my appointments, was always on time and made himself available if i needed to speak to him. The hospital was more like a five star resort. I was met at the door, taken to my appointments, never left alone and the staff were genuinely interested in my well being. – ‘after cosmetic surgery’ I went over there expecting to have three fillings as my dentist had told me i needed before i left Australia. I did have teeth i was concerned about but he said he was just going to keep an eye on. When i got to Phuket the dentist looked at the teeth i was concerned about and they were in fact very infected. I needed three root canals, five fillings and two caps, all of which i had done at almost the same cost as i was quoted for the three fillings in Australia. For the first time in years i don’t have a bad taste in my mouth. I am not the best at the dentist but i managed to sit in the chair and have all this work done and it did not hurt. I did not even require pain killers when i got back to the resort and my mouth was not sore. Emma arranged this in less than two weeks and it went like clock work!

A Raye, Amamoor (After Mid to lower face and neck lift & Upper and Lower Eyelid surgery and dental work)

October 2009

“A wonderful experience, great PAIN FREE dentistry with amazing results. Everything was well organised from the travel arrangements, accommodation, transfers, hospital transfer and treatments, With spare time for a holiday too! Thank you Noosa Travel and My Body and Spirit”

V Hobbs, Tewantin

October 2009

“I personally had a ball for 4 weeks. I was much impressed by the kindness of the people and their continual smile is legendary. I found that they have a good sense of humour” ¬† J Rety, Brisbane October 2009 “From the moment we stepped off the plane in Phuket to the day we had to return, everything was organised. From the Tour operator, to the accommodation, transport organised for appointments. We had wonderful treatment and thoughtfullness throughout. Was so much appreciated – we want to go back next year!”

K & V Donpon,


22 Sep 2009

“I needed extensive dental work which I had put off for years and years. When I finally decide to do something about it, I expected the whole experience to be costly and complicated to arrange. I was thrilled with the efficient, professional and friendly service provided by My Body and Spirit and Noosa Travel from the very first email to the follow up on my return to Australia. Every aspect of my holiday, transfers, dental work and even the tours in Phuket were arranged to the last detail and I had no problems whatsoever once I got to Thailand. The hospital, dental work, nurses, staff and dentists were fantastic and first class in all respects and were equal to, if not better, than any dental work I have had in Australia. I am so happy with my dental work and my new smile – I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is thinking about going to Thailand for dental work and highly recommend My Body and Spirit and Noosa Travel to arrange the trip. Thanks Emma”

Megan M, Melbourne

September 2009

I decided to go ahead with this treatment with a great deal of trepidation,unfounded as it worked out,the whole experience was very professional and painless which was a plesant surprise! For those who think there is a risk the hospital is not up to standard,my experience was that it was at least equal to but in most cases of a better standard than any hospital I have attended in Australia. The customer service and timeliness was a breath of fresh air when compared to the almost “government department” attitude we some times experience in our so called developed nation .I am planning the next phase of my treatment with full confidence over the next year or so.

Denis D Adelaide

Sep 2009 

“My experience of dental work in Thailand was great, completely changing my experience of dentists from …..”Oh no, not the dentist … expensive, painful, miserable!!!!! into ……”Wow, a trip to the dentist together with Thai food, massages, gorgeous temples, elephant rides….!!”

Jane, Palmwoods

Sep 2009

¬† “The package equals a new lease of womanhood for me. Having breast fed away my breasts to 4 sons, to wear a dress and have a shape means personal feelings. It still feels weird. Here I am 2 weeks later after the operation, healing after medication and travels. The travelling and resort rest with all cleaning and catering done was great. Makes for the best test. Blessed by it. Thanks”

Karen, Sunshine Coast (after breast augmentation)

July 2009  Barbara

“Thanks for arranging my trip to phuket, just letting you know all went well & if in future you want to use me as a reference for new zealanders going to phuket to get work done you may do so . had a great time and the hotel was more than suitable and was well placed in phuket. Hey its good to see you are getting some interest from over this side of the tasman it was the way to go as i was so well looked after over there, had taxi to and from my hotel and the service was great i had no complaints. was so cheap compared to new zealand for the dental work , would of cost thousands if done here. thanks for everything”.

Ian H New Zealand

”I thought the hospital was excellent and Dr Supachai was an extremely good dentist. His workmanship was excellent. The pick up to and from my hotel to the hospital was excellent. I would recommend anyone to use this facility in Phuket.” ”Just a quick thankyou to you and your staff in organising my trip to Thailand and subsequent cosmetic surgery at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, but I needn’t have worried, the nursing staff and doctors where first class and I was well taken care of in my own private room and nursing care. It has been 12 months since my surgery and I am extremely happy with the results. I now am more confident in myself and not embarrassed any more about looking old before my time. On my 60th birthday in a restaurant I told the waiter I was celebrating the “Big O” she said ” I hope I look like you when I’m 50. Believe me that comment said it all. I am now looking forward to next month when I go over again to have my stomach Lipo suctioned and can’t wait to see the results. Good work and thanks for the personal encouragement.”¬†¬†¬† “I am so extremely happy that I chose to go to Thailand for my breast enlargement. Five star doctors and hospital. I have never been treated so good. My doctor was Dr Pathom, and he is the best if you are thinking about breast surgery. Go to Thailand you won’t regret it. Better than Australia.” Tracey ”We are very happy with the dental work had done. The friendly, helpful staff at the dental hospital and the transport to and from was excellent. We were pleasantly surprised by the hospital, very modern, up to date equiptment and plenty of helpful staff. Nothing was to much trouble for them. Having all the appointments booked before hand made it an excellent holiday and at the same time we returned refreshed with new smiles.”

Sharon and Wayne


“This experience was so much more than I had hoped for! Dr Pathom was amazing and I felt cared for and safe at all times. The hospital care was outstanding. I was ferried to and from the hospital with efficiency and the ultimate concern for my welfare at all times. I highly recommend this experience and I am so pleased I did it this way.” Nina¬†¬† ”I am 47, never travelled or treated myself to much being a single working mum with 3 children. Going to Thailand and having my dental work done was one of the best experiences I have done for myself. My teeth look fabulous! It has changed my life, I don’t even mind having my photo taken now. I spent three weeks relaxing and being pampered. It was just the healing I needed to be able to move on in life. I am now the happiest I have ever been! Thanks Noosa Travel, you’ve helped me to change my life.”



“I thought everything about my stay at the hospital was top quality. The staff couldn’t have been more professional and kind. I went there on my own and was surrounded by friendly efficient staff who made it a lot easier. Dr Pongsakorn was really maticulous and proud of his work as he should be. Having the bags under my eyes done was an extra bonus and has taken years off my looks at such a small cost.”¬† Michelle Tr.¬† May 2009 Hotel was great with friendly and helpful staff. Dental Clinic was also great, same as last time I went in 2007. I would not hesitate to use their services again and Noosa Travel was great with organising my dental & travel package. Thanks Barb Vicki …………June 2009